With holiday party season now in full swing, minding your manners should be a top priority. As people are consumed by technology and their cell phones, the delicate art of proper etiquette is being lost in a culture of screens. Fear not, dear friends – we’ve got five tips to cure your partying woes, with some advice from your favorite LGBTQ celebs as well. When in doubt, just remember that kindness is the most important rule of partying. Treat others how you’d want them to treat you, and you can’t go wrong.

Always Bring a Gift

And wine is just fine! Gift giving is a dying art, but this time of year more than ever is a great opportunity to bring it back and show a little generosity. Candles are also inexpensive and always welcome, as well as flowers. If you’re feeling really giving, bake some cookies – everyone loves dessert.


Respect the Dress Code

This is an important thing to remember before heading out to your event. If an invitation offers a dress code, stick to it and if it’s unclear, always ask. For more casual invites by word of mouth or Facebook, casual attire can be assumed to be appropriate. But it never hurts to check; showing up underdressed is never cute.

Clarify if You Have a Plus One or Not

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than showing up at an intimate party when you aren’t invited. Don’t put your partner in that position; just ask. The worst that can happen is your host politely explains that there’s not enough room for extras, but typically most people are of the mindset “the more the merrier.”

Drag Race’s Ginger Minj on holiday dinner parties: “The fastest way to a queen’s heart is usually through her tightly girdled stomach, and that rings truest this time of year! With all the love that goes into Holiday meals, be sure to savor every bite for it comes but once a year… and maybe save me a plate!”

Ask Questions

Conversation is an art form in and of itself, dying rapidly thanks to texts, emojis, and Tweets that place an emphasis on brevity and require no sort of sustained focus. The best parties are the ones where you have conversations that expand your mind, where you leaving feeling you’ve understood something new about another person and, simultaneously, about yourself. Ask your fellow merrymakers questions about themselves. It’s that easy! And while we’re on question-asking, never hesitate to seek clarification from your host prior to the party about anything at all. They’ll be happy to enlighten you.

G.B.F. actor Paul Iacono: “Don’t be a rotating head tourist – the most important thing in the room is always right in front of you. Don’t get caught staring around the room.”

Toast the Host

Here’s a great move to really show your appreciation for your hosts: raise a glass in their names. Say a few kind words about them. They’ve gone out of their way to put together this event, prepared appetizers and supplied drinks, and invited you into the safety of their own space. They deserve some public praise, and who better to give it than you?


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