For those of us looking to spice up our wardrobes and living rooms without maxing out our credit cards, there are only two words we’re interested in hearing: Thrift. Store. America has got some incredible vintage marketplaces to choose from, and they aren’t all where you’d expect. Below, find 5 of the best cities to thrift in the U.S.

Portland, OR


Portland might be the thrift and vintage capital of the world, if we’ve got anything to say about it. Head down Hawthorne St. for one of the coolest Goodwill’s in the country, as well as local gems like House of Vintage and Red Light Clothing Exchange.

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Seattle, WA


Just a couple hours north of Portland, America’s rainiest metropolis boasts its own impressive vintage finds. The Goodwill in Capitol Hill is a must, as is the Fremont Vintage Mall and the Lifelong Thrift Store.

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Austin, TX


Closer to the equator is an unexpected vintage utopia: Austin. Looking for weird vintage furniture? Try Uncommon Objects. New York glam pieces at middle America prices? Feathers Boutique. A large selection of hand-curated pieces with big sales daily? Thrift Land.

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Nashville, TN


Southern elegance comes out in full force in Nashville’s thrift and vintage community. At the top of the list of must-shops is Old Made Good, which stocks only items hand-made or found by the owners. They’ve also got a famous glittering gold floor. Also check out Goodbuy Girls, Tickled Pink, and Designer Renaissance.

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Phoenix, AZ


Most visitors don’t know about Phoenix’s thriving thrift scene until they’re heading back to the airport with an extra suitcase full of retro bomber jackets. Be sure to hit up Sweet Salvage for great deals on odd furniture. Butter Toast Boutique offers low prices on unique clothing and Antique Sugar for the coolest pieces Phoenix has to give.

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