It’s officially freezing outside, and that means one thing: Netflix. Why leave the comfort of your cozy bed when you could snuggle up with that special someone and escape to another world entirely until things begin to thaw out? Netflix is full of great titles, old and new, this month, and below we’ve compiled our five top picks to binge on this month, starting with the show we’re most excited for this season.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Available to stream in its entirety starting Friday, January 13th, this reboot of the hit book series-turned-movie-flop is the hottest new release of this cold, cold winter. Our hero Neil Patrick Harris stars as the evil and hilarious Count Olaf in what looks from the trailer to be a spooky, funny, adventure-filled series that will capture Lemony Snicket’s bizarre, exhilarating tale of three orphans on the run. Better get some popcorn before you start your next Netflix binge-athon.


The Office

We know it’s old, but we don’t care. Rewatching this iconic show is one of the only fail-safe ways to find yourself bursting with laughter during the darkest time of the year. Steve Carell gives perhaps our favorite comedy performance in TV history, and the show also launched the careers of faves like Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski, and Rashida Jones.

Gossip Girl

Call us tween girls — at our hearts, we are! The thing about Gossip Girl is that it’s actually, truly, a really good show that has a big production budget. Its guest stars include names like Lady Gaga and Hilary Duff. Never mind if the story isn’t doing it for you, even though it’s hard not to wonder how Blair and Serena will wriggle out of their latest scandal. There’s plenty of eye candy for all, including but not limited to the gorgeous Chace Crawford, the dapper Penn Badgley, and the sizzling Ed Westwick.


Other People

Written by and starring out head SNL writer Chris Kelly, Other People is the heartbreaking autobiographical story of a comedian and his dying mother, played by Molly Shannon in one of her rawest roles yet. Sad, touching, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, this is a great film to watch when you feel like curling up and crying alone.


Hailed as one of the greatest films of its year, Tangerine is the story of two transgender women in Los Angeles on an adventure of revenge, hope, and friendship. The movie features breakout performances by its two stars, Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor. Oh, and it was shot entirely on an iPhone.


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