It’s a New Year, and with it, most of us have resolved to first and foremost pump more iron and get into shape. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and most Januarys seems to end in more couch time than crunch time, for us at least. But working out doesn’t have to be an activity to be dragged to reluctantly. There are a number of gyms all around America that make losing pounds and building muscle not only rewarding, but fun. Check them out below.

Mark Fisher Fitness, New York, NY

Situated in a self-proclaimed “Ninja Clubhouse,” complete with a unicorn head on the wall, trainers in tiger-print spandex, and a disco ball casting glittering light on every surface, Mark Fisher is unlike any gym you’ve ever entered before. Because it’s not a gym, or at least it refuses to call itself one. Mark Fisher is the workout program for people who hate working out. It’s all about inclusive community, and Fisher, who founded the place, comes from an acting background and is all about theatrics and the warmth they can provide.

Sproing Fitness, Chicago, IL

Tired of whamming your feet into the hard surface of a treadmill? Tired of the monotony of spending an hour on a cardio machine doing the same thing minute after minute? Sproing has your answer. Created by two guys sick of treadmills, it features running machines with a cushiony base that feels akin to jogging down a sandy beach. The rotating track of the treadmill has also been taken away so it’s easier to do strength training while you put in those miles.


Yoga on the Labyrinth, San Francisco, CA

Let’s face it, as soothing and strengthening as yoga can be, when you’re taking it in a linoleum room with a bunch of sweaty strangers and fluorescent lights, it can be a bit of a drag. But there’s no excuse not to try downward dog in a giant, historic cathedral in San Francisco, and now, you can. Grace Cathedral offers relaxation and breath-centric classes inside its stunning walls that truly allow you to experience Vinyasa like never before.

Daybreaker, Multiple Cities

Getting up so early in the morning is probably the hardest thing about getting in the groove of a regular workout routine. What if you were getting up to go to a raging dance party, though? That’s exactly what Daybreaker offers: an energetic, dance club atmosphere at 6 am, in 15 cities around America. It’s been praised as innovative, fun, and effective by publications such as The New York Times and Buzzfeed. What are you waiting for? Go bust a move!

Upper Limits, Bloomington, IL

Rock climbing is cool; there’s no arguing that. But when you’re scaling the same old faux cliffs day after day, it can get a bit routine. Well, what if you were rock climbing inside a giant grain silo? Upper Limits has created just that: rock walls and footholds inside giant, abandoned grain silos. If you’re looking for a funkier way to build muscle, you’ve found it.

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